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What is Email Marketing? [+ Advantages of Using this Channel]


Email marketing is the use of email messages as a marketing channel. It’s the oldest technique in digital marketing and it’s still the best one to date (with no other contender in sight to take its throne).


What is email marketing?

Well, the term is rather self-explanatory, isn’t it? So, what is email marketing after all? Email marketing is the use of email messages as a marketing channel.

It’s the oldest technique in digital marketing and it’s still the best one to date (with no other contender in sight to take its throne).

As with other marketing tools, email marketing works as a communication channel targeted at existing customers, as well as a highway towards new customers acquisition (without losing sight of inactive clients).

After all, who doesn’t have an email account? It’s today’s preferred mail inbox.

What is it for? What are the goals?

Email marketing as a communication channel can be used with many goals:

  • Keep in touch with the clients
  • Keep the brand on Top of the Mind of the client (notoriety)
  • Capture new clients
  • Interact with users
  • Increase sales
  • Get to know your client better
  • Fidelization

Examples of Email Marketing

There are many types of email with the most varied purposes, so, we gathered some of them. Check the one that works better with your strategy, get inspired and work on your business!

Is not enough to send emails from my computer and you’re done?

Of course, when you send emails from your computer, you are communicating but email marketing is much more than that and there are two ways to do this:

  • Local Email Marketing Software
  • Web-Based Email Marketing (or Online)

Local Email Marketing services are provided through a program that is installed on your computer, with a connection to a specific server for this purpose, it sends and manages the emails to its recipients.

Web-based or online Email Marketing services (such as E-goi) are services that you can subscribe online, where all the management and configuration of the sending of the communications is done, without having to install any program.

But can I send email from my Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account?


To help avoid spam, fraudulent emails (phishing) any email client such as the Gmail, Hotmail (Outlook) or Yahoo limit massive sendings. On Gmail’s case, for example, it’s not possible to send an email to more than 500 recipients at once.

But that’s not everything!

If you send emails through Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other email client, not only will you be limited in the number of daily sendings, you also won’t have at your disposal:

  • Creator of newsletters to practice email marketing like a professional;
  • Thematic templates for your sales campaigns (and more)
  • Tools to improve your campaign (HTML analysis, spam score, broken links, etc.)
  • A/B Test
  • Metrics that allow you to get better results, such as opening rates, clicks, geolocation, etc.

What are email marketing advantages?

To understand what is email marketing you have to think about this: how come you never receive updates on your Facebook pages I’ve ever liked or even from your friends?

Sure, social media darlings like Facebook or Instagram might be the new jewels of the crown when it comes to digital marketing, but with email marketing, you have one huge advantage: there’s no limited reach. Those who opt into your mailing list will receive your newsletters, flyers, etc. You get what you pay for, and not for the potential on it.

There are reasons why email marketing ROI is so much better compared to other digital marketing tools, and reach is among them. It’s also simpler, cheaper and more efficient. So what’s not to like about email marketing solutions?

Email marketing has the best ROI of all the tools

Yup, we told you that before. Hard to believe? Well, we’ll tell it again just so you know – email marketing might not seem the sexiest of all marketing tools, but it’s the most effective. With the best ROI. Meaning you’ll spend less and achieve better results.

Sure, social media is fancier. But does your business thrive on being fancy, or by being lucrative? We know it’s the latter. Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%.

And yes, you read it well.

Email subscribers are highly engaging

Sure, you think about engagement and all that comes to your mind is Facebook and Twitter. That’s alright. We all know how effective social media is to create brand engagement and brand recognition.

What you don’t know – but the fellas at Quicksprout discovered – is that an email subscriber is 3x more likely to share your social media content with their friends and acquaintances. So, even if social media is your thing, don’t overlook email marketing capabilities to enhance your results.

Email marketing – Who is it for?

For anyone, really. If you have any goods or services to sell, then email marketing is for you. Damn, it is for you even if you don’t have any of those! Email marketing solutions are perfect for bloggers, as well, to make them grow their readers base and spread content before they even start selling anything.

Email marketing does wonder when combined with E-Commerce. It can also be the perfect solution for real estate agents. You name it.

Ok, Know I know what is email marketing. What’s next? Is it difficult to start? Should I be tech savvy?

That’s the wonder of email, in comparison with other tools: it’s simple, efficient and you can start right away. Imagine you’re at the beginning of the 20th century – what’s more difficult, to send a letter to anyone you have an address of, or to distribute flyers on the street and hope people don’t send them to waste? The first one, we know.

Email marketing is just like that: you have an email address, you can send a message that will be delivered. Take E-goi as an example: our platform is low-cost, low-maintenance, high-security standards and user-friendly. You just have to set-up an email address capture form, or upload your contacts list, and can start sending emails whenever you want, to whomever you want to.

No need to be a tech wizard. If you can go online and use Google, or Youtube, you can make use of email marketing. It’s as simple as that.

Where do I start?

We’ve got you covered. If your contacts list is composed of less than 5001 contacts, we have the perfect plan for you: E-goi’s 5001 Plan allows you send unlimited email messages to your contacts list. And you know what? It’s completely free! You won’t spend a dime!

E-goi’s 5001 plan brings you no-holds-barred email marketing. Unlimited sends and all major features available! The only big difference between this and standard E-goi plans? Your emails will include a small ad and you won’t have dedicated support from our tech folks (don’t worry, our KB, video tutorials, and online training cover all bases).

Are there more tools related to email marketing that I can take advantage of?

Sure. Targeted email marketing is just the beginning. Our platform is jam-packed with loads of features and tools for you to maximize your earnings. If you think it’s time to fulfil your business potential, start by reading our take and features on:


Now that you’ve understood what is email marketing, what makes it an irresistible and indispensable channel in your communication and marketing strategy, take action and take advantage of this great channel of customer acquisition.

Discover how to start your journey in email marketing now.

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