Improve your E-Commerce with Marketing Automation

Melhorar resultados E-Commerce através da automação de marketing - E-goiE-Commerce + Marketing Automation = Success!

Let’s start with a simple example, coming from the world’s biggest E-Commerce platform. When you run a product search on Amazon, and even though you don’t close the deal, haven’t you noticed you still receive Amazon emails with opportunities for the said products? That’s marketing automation. And Amazon isn’t the only one with access to it.

Customization power

Have you ever thought of providing different discounts to different clients? What about sending targeted SMSs to a few clients with a new deal opportunity on a pair of their favorite sneakers? All of this is modern, personalized, highly effective and a real possibility!

Personalization and customization are two major concepts in today’s business world. Making your client feel unique and special is a highway to success. That same personalization and recurrent tracking of the user’s action are only possible by applying marketing automation principles.

Abandoned Cart? Recover it easily!

This is a common problem among E-Commerce stores. The user comes in, weighs his options, added a product to the cart and then left. What can you do? Ideally, you should know why he left without purchasing anything, right? If it was a price-related issue, a delivery one, etc… Better still, how wonderful would it be if you could reach to him again and solve the problem, uh?

Imagine you are in a shopping store and leave without buy anything. The seller are going to chase you outside the store to make you buy? Of course, not! But marketing automation are going to do this for you. Even if you leave the store without buy, it’ll continue “talking” to you knowing you already viewed the products you want in the online store, a thing that the seller on the store won’t be able to do.


The bigger and more diverse the E-commerce stores are, the more complex it becomes to manage all the clients’ profiles or behaviors.

Imagine a customer of yours made his last purchase 3+ months ago. You don’t want to lose him, you know the cost of acquisition of a new customer is higher than the cost of retaining a current one. The answer? To send and email with a special promotion, in order to get him back on track.

Now imagine another customer found you organically, through Google, signed up and hasn’t purchased anything yet. Normally, you couldn’t know this user’s preferences, because you have no shopping records.

These are powerful tools, highly effective and will overhaul your business.  They’re the difference between you now knowing a thing about a prospective client or knowing that client 1254 (fictitious #) is a 28-years old woman, with good taste for high heels and a huge devotee of the X or Y brand. Your communication suddenly got easier, hasn’t it?

E-Commerce: difficult task?

It wasn’t a lucky strike that made Amazon grow into one of the world’s largest companies. Amazon’s success was so great that the company is worth more today than Walmart, the retail giant. It is currently the 4th richest company in the world, regardless of the business area.

And we all know Amazon, we all receive recommendations about products to purchase and all of them seem strangely adequate to us, right? That’s all due to marketing automation processes applied to E-Commerce.

E-Commerce platforms have always been held in high regard when it comes to making money online, but generally, people find them hard-working, difficult or a matter of luck. At first sight, all these processes seem complex, creative and only available to the big players.

They are not.

You have access to all of them.


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  1. Nice tips. I’m using autoresponders and marketing automation with GetResponse. It seems like a good way to re-engage the customers if they leave the website. Perhaps some of them could be targeted with a discount for a certain product?

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