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How to Get Former Clients Back with Email Marketing

31 May, 2017 |

ContentsGetting a client back vs acquiring a new oneWhen should I target communication towards former/inactive customers?Think as if you only have one shotMake use of data to understand what to communicateMake former customers feel wanted Getting a client back vs acquiring a new one First things first: the cost of retaining an existing client, or […]

Getting a client back vs acquiring a new one

First things first: the cost of retaining an existing client, or even the cost of getting an old one back is way much lower than the cost of acquisition of a new client. Think about it: is it more difficult to sell something to someone who already knows your brand, your product, or to raise brand/product awareness for people with no previous knowledge of your company? That’s right. You got there by yourself, we’re sure.

No good product or service is finished, and that’s great. Companies keep their products developing over time, so it’s only natural that during the process a couple (or a couple thousand) clients are left disappointed or do not think they’re a great match with what you’re providing.

When should I target communication towards former/inactive customers?

So, imagine you’re in the digital marketing industry, selling software to help your clients with social media networks management – your product nowadays has a wide array of possibilities, but it hasn’t been like that since the beginning, right? And back then, some customers left your product, even though they were attracted to it in the first place.

Now imagine you beat the competition and now you sport something new or improved, to offer. It’s the perfect time to go and get those inactive or former clients back. How? We’ll give you a few tips.

Think as if you only have one shot

Listen, this should be a rule of thumb for every email marketing communication moment, but it’s even more important when it comes to attracting inactive customers back. Don’t be a pain in the ass with inactive customers – for some reason, they left your company, so reminding them of that will only make them grow angry on you.

Instead, when communicating with inactive of former customers, do it as it was your last chance of winning them over. Be precise, communicate clearly your advantages and new features. Have them fall in love with you again, rediscover the magic.

Make use of data to understand what to communicate

Most companies have more than one product or service. Imagine you have a footwear e-commerce place: does it make sense to communicate about high heels to a former customer that used to purchase only sneakers?

Once again, this is important to every email marketing communication strategy, not only those concerning former customers. Make use of data, of your sales’ funnel and marketing automation systems (we have a pretty good one ourselves). Don’t waste what might be your only chance communicating something that won’t resonate with your target.

Make former customers feel wanted

A former customer may have left you for a multitude of reasons, but once upon a time, he was in love with your offers enough to become a client. So spread your love out there with a targeted campaign for them, a special come-back discount or some sort of limited offer so you can force them to think again about becoming a customer of yours.

Remember: a former customer is a cold lead. But it’s still a lead. Take advantage of it.

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