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Discover how to be successful with marketing on Instagram

12 July, 2018 |

Recently, Instagram announced that it has hit the mark of 1 billion active users. This number represents an accelerated growth of the social network and confirms the trend of a participatory consumer in the mobile.

It may not be new to anyone, but it is important to note that, more and more, people access social networks and consumer products and services through smartphones.

It is a fact, therefore, that more frequent purchases through smartphones. Also, the mobile and the physical are complementing each other more and more. It is very common for customers to search for prices on mobile devices while they are evaluating a product at the point of sale.

All of these ideas mean that marketing on Instagram is increasingly essential to the visibility, authority, and growth of the company.

In this text, we’ll present the main types of ads made available by this network, which can be complemented with these strategies to gain followers. Follow us!

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is the Instagram ad platform. Through it, sponsored posts are served in the form of photos, videos, slideshow, and carousel. The tool is essential for generating clicks, views, and conversions.

Creating ads on Instagram, in addition to helping sell, also brings recognition to your brand. This is a great way to educate your users about your products and services.

To promote a paid post on this network, you can direct it according to the parameters established by your parent company, Facebook. In this way, ads can be targeted by age, gender, geographic location, consumer interests, among other things.

The Facebook Ads Manager can make all sponsored links.

Keep in mind that using Instagram Ads is vital to a successful business strategy. While free posts are essential, sponsored links will give your business a more significant boost, as well as being paramount for faster results.

Links in stories

The stories (that is, the functionality that allows you to insert photos and videos that are deleted after 24 hours) are great for engaging your audience. The format is one of the favorites of the public that uses the social network and is therefore increasingly used by companies marketing Instagram. In addition to being able to show products, services and behind the scenes, you can insert links within the stories.

However, there are some criteria for this. Unfortunately, only verified accounts or with more than 10,000 followers can use this tool. However, if your account does not meet these prerequisites, do not be discouraged. The trend is that Instagram will soon release this feature for everyone. If you have access, it is straightforward to insert the links:

  1. create your story;
  2. click the current icon at the top of the screen;
  3. enter the URL of the page;
  4. click “save”;
  5. continue editing your story.

Announcements in stories

The ads in the stories have become great possibilities to impact their users on a daily basis through videos and photos. They are increasingly essential to gaining real followers, increasing reach, brand recognition, and selling products and services.

Through these ads, which are also made by the Facebook Ad Manager, it is possible to pass a message naturally and count on a high level of engagement. To create them, you need your Instagram account to be commercial and linked to your Facebook page.

The social network has been studying the insertion of the carousel format in the stories, as we will see next.

Advertisements carousel in stories

One of the most awaited news on Instagram is the carousel ads for the story. The idea is to post up to three photos or videos in a row. The format is still in the testing phase, and companies like Coca-Cola, Netflix and Renault already use it.

Soon, all advertisers will have much more room to use creativity, and campaigns can be deeper, longer, and engaged. It is worth remembering that this function is already released for the users and companies that work on the stories in an organic way.

Organic posts may be transformed into ads

Instagram lets you turn your organic posts into ads on the platform. It was already allowed to do a direct post push on the network, but there is also the possibility of doing so through the Facebook business manager.

Creating ads through organic posts is gradually becoming available to users. This update will soon be available to all network users. This type of ad can be done in campaigns for engagement, brand recognition, video views, and reach.

Instagram payment tests

Another novelty is that Instagram has begun testing to receive payments directly from the application. Instead of the user being redirected to the company website through the “buy now” button, the idea is that any transaction be made exclusively by the social network.

You will need to have a registered credit or debit card. For security to take effect, an application guide allows you to enter the PIN code before each purchase as a way to authorize the process.

As we’ve seen throughout the text, regardless of your audience, marketing on Instagram through ads is more and more comprehensive. That’s why it’s very important that you keep an eye on all the media-related updates and take the time to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to put them into practice, taking your business to the next level! Remember that to succeed on Instagram, you must work with dedication and commitment. Even making ads, the most consistent results happen in the medium and long term.

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