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Messenger Sales: Learn how to use this tool

21 March, 2019 |
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Technology has brought many benefits to our lives. Constant updates and enhancements modify routines to facilitate processes within a corporate environment, for example.

These resources have come to change our habits, and the way we communicate today is quite different from the one we adopted in the past.

With the reality of instant messaging, the possibility of sales through Messenger is no longer surprising or astonishing. Many companies understand that such a channel is much exploited by the user and through it, contact with the company is not restricted by any type of restriction.

However, you need to understand a little more about the benefits of this tool and learn how to use it productively so there is no communication noise. Continue reading and learn a little more about the importance that Facebook Messenger can have in a business!

Establish an instant connection

There is no denying the unanimity of Facebook these days. Created by Mark Zuckerberg, this media owns the first place in the ranking of the most accessed social networks in the world, with about two billion users. Messenger, with its instant messaging function, has become an application and is fourth placed.

Sales through Messenger illustrate in a characteristic way how a good relationship with the user can lead to a process of loyalty and purchase. Gradually, the audience is being conquered. However, it is good to know how to analyze the customer well before passing on any information and starting a relationship with him.

The fact that people are always connected generates a dependence on immediacy. In this context, companies need to be aware and try to work so that the user always has a good experience, not being frustrated by the established virtual contact.

Understand the benefits to sales

Sales through Messenger can be an alternative for you that already understands the importance of a more personalized contact with the user. Putting the company image as accessible to the public humanizes their digital presence and facilitates contact with the persona they want to reach.

Showing customers that branding cares about their contact and being careful to respond to each message they send out are ways to build a solid relationship and pass trust. Every company should understand the value that such a posture has and always see Facebook Messenger as an approach tool.

See the strategies indicated for your business

As you can see, sales through Messenger only occur if there is good communication with the customer. This dialogue needs to be established in a constructive way, following processes that will aid in consistency and confidence building. Next, look at our suggestions for practices to be implemented in your routine.

The use of chatbots

In order to answer repetitive questions and messages where the user has many questions, the use of chatbots can be a facilitator in your sales strategy through Messenger. Through them, it is possible to transmit more specific standardized messages, such as use manuals, and to identify the main keywords.

With the help of this software that simulates a human conversation, we can see what kind of subject arouses a greater interest in the user. From then on, strategies are created to offer a product and / or service that best meets your needs.

In addition, chatbots can be used to respond to messages on weekends and at night – when businesses are generally no longer in business.

Best times to start interactions

You can not create a sales strategy through Messenger through deductions. It’s all about knowing more about the behavior of the user that can turn out to be a customer. There is a gradual way for the person to become a lead and then to be aware of a purchase decision.

Therefore, always follow the movement of the user in the social network. So you can send him some suggestions of products and / or services that will help you to meet your needs in a timely manner. Tests are accurate at this stage, however, always try not to be incisive and better understand the conditions of the user.

Custom communication

Always choose to bring a pleasant experience to the public – so that, with every contact you can make with the company, be sure that you are being welcomed. However, you need to pay close attention to how you will get these messages to generate good communication.

At first, try to understand what kind of language you can use to stay closer to the user. Should it adopt a formal stance and be restricted to slang?

Speaking in a more bare manner, on the other hand, will your customer feel more relaxed and open to the company? These questions need to be answered according to the vision and mission of the business.

Explore the tool for sales

Social networks have maximized online sales opportunities and have brought users a more direct contact with brands. As you can conclude, sales through Messenger are excellent opportunities for a company to not only propagate its services and products, but also to create a bond with its customers (those already conquered or future ones).

The marketing industry can present digital tools that help the sales industry, thus establishing a more constructive and solid form of customer relationship. However, not all companies have this sensitivity: they end up not knowing how to behave in front of a user – who can be a strong candidate for loyal customer.

To do so, there are companies that can help, through software, to offer automation services or other digital marketing tools.

E-goi, for example, is a company that can contribute to strengthening its online presence, helping it to meet its needs.

Now that you know more about sales through Messenger, how about knowing the services we offer? Register for free and start your experience with us.

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