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How to increase engagement on social media? 7 infallible tips!

17 April, 2018 |

In a scenery full of content, how is it possible to stand out? How to not be just one more person in the middle of the crowd? In this post, we’ll give you some tips and actions that can increase the engagement on social media. Check them out!

The number of people registered on social media increases gradually every year. In 2017, these channels registered 2,46 billion users all over the world. After Google, Youtube and Facebook are the most accessed websites, according to a survey by Amazon.

In that context, the digital presence became an efficient communication mechanism. More than simply having a website and a Facebook page, companies want their content to be consumed by the bigger number of people possible, in order to attract more people to their products and offers.

Meanwhile, in a scenery full of content, how is it possible to stand out? How to not be just one more person in the middle of a crowd? In this post, we separate some tips and actions that might increase engagement on social media. Check them out!

1.Produce relevant content

Nothing replaces content capable of attending expectations and interests of the audience. Many “magic formulas” promise to increase the interaction on social media, but it’s not worth it if the content doesn’t appeal your followers.

That way, it’s fundamental to understand who is your persona, which means, who you want to reach. Age, gender, location, and interests are essential information to understand what kind of content and language to use.

However, you need to keep an editorial line aligned with your business’ goals. Engagement is important because the number of likes and shares are metrics that might point the number of people you can reach, but the main goal of the brand is other: conversion (whether it is on sales, visits or knowledge of the brand).

The idea is that your online public is also your consumer. So, your content can’t just reach for likes and differ from the business’ basic concepts.

2. Diversify the formats

Texts, videos, photos, polls, albums, links, stories… There are many available formats on social media. It’s essential to increase visibility to diversify the way your content is presented to the public.

You must analyze which is the best format for each issue you have to approach. Light themes must be treated in a relaxed way, with emojis and GIFs. More serious and deep themes require more formality.

Videos are users’ favorites on social media nowadays, and the shorter the better. However, it’s not always possible to produce them frequently and easily, and the use of other formats can attend perfectly to necessities.


3. Talk to your public to increase engagement on social media

The big difference between social media and the traditional media, such as newspaper or TV, for example, is the possibility of interacting with the public. It’s a big mistake to face social media just as a place to propagate ideas and promote products and services.

Make polls to find out which topics your clients want to read about, which is their favorite format and what they think of your posts. Interact in the comment section and answer the questions. When feeling like part of your digital channels, they will for sure participate more, increasing, that way, engagement.

It’s important to point out that you shouldn’t ask people’s opinions and then ignore them. By making any interactive action, it’s important to act according to what the majority of people asked. Only then will the interaction be, in fact, effective.

4. Pay attention to timing

In order to increase engagement on social media, it’s essential to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. Did you see an opportunity to approach a topic that trended or to use the meme everyone’s been using? Don’t waste that opportunity! In these cases, timing is essential.

But, attention! As important as not wanting to lose timing is to evaluate if a specific position is valid for your brand. Let me remind you that the “football, politics and religion must not be discussed” works for social media too. We recommend you to avoid any unnecessary polemic.

5. Draw the public’s attention

For sure you already saw posts that end with “Tag a friend who is also a fan of cinema” or “Comment if you agree, like if you disagree”. These two sentences are examples of CTAs (Call to Action), that mean calling for attention.

It’s proved that CTAs are great lures and increase the communication on posts, besides influencing other people to view the content. So, to increase the interaction on social media, prioritize calls that make people interact and develop any action, such as: follow you on other social networks, sign the newsletter, tag a friend, leave their opinion on the post, etc.

Always compare the difference between the posts with and without CTA. You’ll see the difference!

6. Reuse old content

Do you know that post that rocked and had a great reach a long time ago? What about approaching the same issue, that interested so many people, in a different way?

Don’t be afraid to recycle content. New people visit your page every day, and even the ones that already accompanied your social media accounts might not have seen the post at the first time it was promoted.

Then here is the suggestion: update your information, if it’s necessary, give a quick look at your content and publish it again! No doubts it will help your account grow.

7. Keep periodicity

If your public likes your content, they will come back to your digital channels to check on news. Meanwhile, if they come back to your facebook page, for example, and the last post is from last week, the one that he already saw, for sure the probability of them returning will diminish.

So, it’s important to keep some regularity on the publication of content and make your readers aware of that. Establish goals, such as every Friday a new video will be up on the Youtube channel, on Mondays, there will be promotions, among others. That way, your audience will know when to find new content and won’t get frustrated. That will increase engagement on social media.

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