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Learn 3 practical tips on how to boost on Instagram

23 January, 2019 (updated) |

In this text, we will show you, in theory and in practice, how to boost on Instagram and how it can increase the engagement of your followers. We will do this through tips you can check right now!

In any marketing strategy on social media, ads play a vital role. Through them, the brand generates attraction, visibility and recognition for the company.

The logic is simple: to succeed, your business must be found. Thus, investing in sponsored links enables your organization to directly found by your potential customers

In the case of Instagram, it is no different. Photos and Short videos are excellent for publicizing your products and services. Even more because the platform numbers are increasingly growing.

There are already over 800 million active users in the world, which proves that this platform cannot be ignored by any business.

In this text, we will show you, in theory and in practice, how to boost on Instagram and how it can increase the engagement of your followers. We will do this through tips you can check right now!

1. What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads is the ads platform of the social network. On Instagram Ads, you can advertise different elements, such as photos, videos and stories. Among the reasons that make a person advertise on Instagram, it is worth highlighting, first of all, the obvious: it is likely that your customer is there.

Instagram Ads relies on a variety of formats, including lead generation, videos and even online shops sales campaigns. To be sure that it will be good to invest in Instagram, think about the reasons for doing this action:

  • do you want more clicks and conversions?
  • do you want to increase the visibility of your brand in this network?
  • do you want to increase visits to your website?
  • do you seek to reach people geographically close or farther away?

Having a very clear goal is indispensable for you to be successful with your strategy. Then, it is time to put things into practice.

2. How to advertise on Instagram?

It will be easier for those who are already creating ads on Facebook, because the process on Instagram is the same. However, the process is simple and with our step-by-step you can create your ads.


Step 1: create an account in the Business Manager

To boost on Instagram, you will need to have an account with  Facebook’s Business Manager. If you have already registered, you can move to the next step. If you are new to the tool, go to the  Facebook page for companies and then “create account”. With this, you just have to fill in the requested data (if you do not have a company account you must create one).

Step 2: set up an account on Instagram

It is only allowed to advertise through the Business Manager if your Instagram is linked to Facebook. In the Manager panel, you must click “Instagram Accounts”.

Step 3: create a campaign

Also in Business Manager, you must select “create campaign.” You must choose the name of your ad and your goal.

Step 4: set the budget and running time

After you have created your ad group, you must set the budget and the time during which the campaign will run. The period of time varies according to your goals, with the exception of event announcements that are related to a predefined date.

The payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or direct debit. This information should be indicated when you register with the Business Manager.

Step 5: segment your audience

For ads to show good results, you must direct them to users who have an interest in your brand. Otherwise, your performance and your conversion rate will be much lower than expected. Facebook offers different targeting options, such as for example:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • geographic location;
  • interests;
  • devices that the person uses to access;
  • more specific audiences (only visitors to your website, for example);
  • audiences with affinity (profiles similar to a current client, for example), etc.

Step 6: change the positioning

Facebook has an automatic positioning option. This is a setting recommended by Mark Zuckerberg’s network, where it is possible for the same ad to be disclosed on both social media.

In order to avoid this and advertise only on Instagram, you must select “edit positioning” and thus deselect other disclosure possibilities.


Step 7: create your ad

Here, you have the possibility to create an ad from scratch or select some existing Instagram post and boost it. If you create a new ad, you must choose the format (photo, video or carousel) and upload the files.

Write your ideas in the text box and select the “continue” option. Instagram offers different Call To Action, such as:

  • book now;
  • request now;
  • learn more;
  • contact us;
  • sign up;
  • buy now;
  • view more;
  • without button.

The choice of CTA is associated with your goal with the ad.

Step 8: review content and publish

Once you have created the ad, just review it and then publish it. Do not forget to check how the ad will appear on the various screen sizes. This is an essential detail, since Instagram users almost always access the network through their Smartphone. After that, you just have to click “publish”.

Ok, congratulations! Your ad is created. It’s simple, isn’t it?

3. How to increase your engagement?

Now that you know how to publish on Instagram, pay attention to some tips to increase your engagement through these ads

  • select good images: to be successful on Instagram it is crucial that the photos are quality photos. Pay attention to details, such as framing and resolution, that make a lot of difference;
  • take advantage of filters: Instagram’s filtering feature makes your photos much more beautiful and can be used to fix small “flaws” in images;
  • use strategic hashtags: hashtags are used to identify a particular topic. In addition, they can also make a post funnier. One tip for your ads is to create your own hashtags, which are easily associated with your product and brand.

What did you think of these ideas to boost on Instagram? As we have highlighted throughout the text, advertising on this network produces countless benefits to your business.

As you create your ads, be sure to measure your results. That way, you will know if the ads are bringing results to the company and if the strategy is worth it.

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