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Pay attention to 7 errors that hinder blog traffic

27 February, 2019 (updated) |

Creating a blog is part of a great digital marketing strategy that some companies use from the moment they start investing in content creation. Besides being able to be incorporated in the site, it helps to create engagement for subjects that are part of its segment.

However, it is common to perform bad practices within this virtual environment and end up harming the traffic of the blog, causing disinterest and passing a bad reputation to those users who are having a first contact with the business.

If you think this has happened to your business, this article offers some questions to reflect on and modify your way of propagating content. Read on and see seven common mistakes that prevent your blog from getting your audience’s trust!

The post is not directed at a person

Creating content aimed at a persona brings more chances of improving blog traffic. When we write to someone we know the characteristics and desires, it becomes easier to deliver something relevant, increasing the possibility of it becoming a lead.

So, try to create content that does not escape the main objectives and problems that you have. Directing the creation of your texts can increase the conversion power and ensure that your team does not waste time with the development of strategies that may be considered invasive for their consumers.

The text is badly written

The quality of your text is what keeps good blog traffic. Visual elements and responsive design are important, but if you are releasing a text without quality, there is no point in your effort to build a good relationship with your customers.

It is interesting to ask some questions:

  • Is this a text that I would read more than once?
  • Is this content really well written?
  • can anyone understand the idea I’m going through through this text?

Always question your content production and try to optimize your processes.

3. SEO was poorly executed

SEO is an optimization that helps in blog traffic, taking you to the top of search engine searches. However, some companies do not know how to properly execute the keyword and end up sharing tiresome content. Maybe this is happening to your posts, without your noticing.

So, try to review the text of each content already published and see what can be improved to offer a good experience to the user. Knowing how to work with SEO helps in building the image of your brand and with the possibility of being a good influencer.

4. CTA was not used effectively

There are still people who doubt the effectiveness of CTA. However, it does offer an important help to increase your company’s blog traffic. This is because Call to Action – in Portuguese – aims to instigate the reader to perform a certain action within the page in which he is.

You can ask him to see an article related to what he is reading, to share that blog post in his main social networks, or to know what is being disseminated in his profiles in social networks.

So do not doubt the usefulness of this tool and start thinking strategically about it.

5. Social networks were not harnessed

Social networks are great channels that offer the opportunity to increase blog traffic and promote your content.

Social networks like Facebook work with targeting and direct reach for people who are interested in a particular subject. With the help of Facebook Ads, this becomes even more effective.

Investing in this disclosure increases the likelihood of sharing and attracting consumers to your brand. One practical thing to do is to spread content more than once, at different times, so that the repercussion increases and more people are affected by that text.

6. Inbound links were not used

The inbound link is when another company’s website recommends your content, increasing your brand’s engagement and your blog traffic. It functions as a trade-off between companies, where one organization helps another and both benefit from meeting new professionals.

This is a tool that helps to optimize your blog and collaborates for your ranking in search engines. See this as one more way to publicize the company’s services and create a good reputation in the market – just use it to your advantage.

7. Titles are discouraging

The title is an important factor in setting the reader’s interest and increasing blog traffic.

It is considered as an invitation to the user to know what your company has to offer. Therefore, you need to be well thinking and encourage the persona to want to access that content.

Whenever you think of good titles, try to work with the premise of helping the reader in a practical way, leading you to what is being explored or giving some resolutions that will help you to take some action. However, be careful about the type of language used and its size.

As we’ve seen, some errors can mess up your company’s blog traffic and decrease the chances of client conversion. Since the professional does not take care of how they promote their content, the credibility of the company falls and gives place to those who know how to make good use of digital tools.

So do not let go of monitoring, which needs to be done from content creation to sharing. Keep in mind that each text is a new prospecting opportunity and, in this way, a new chance to collaborate on your company’s success.

Did you like this content about traffic errors that can happen to your blog? So, enjoy and discover how to create landing pages that convert!

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