5 Strategies to Increase your Ecommerce Sales at the End of the Year (beginner’s guide)

The end of the year is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons by the most diverse retail segments… And for this year, 2017, expectations are even higher.

To guarantee that your shop sales increase at the end of this year, check out the tips we prepared for you below:

Tip No. 1 Make sure your shop is sought after

The end of year season – just like Black Friday – presents an excellent opportunity to make your brand stand out. This is because it’s a time when the market is already buzzing with expectations about the offers each store will launch.

But to ensure that your brand takes the initiative and seizes the moment, you need to plan. Invest in email marketing and be sure that the promotional campaigns that you’ve specially prepared for the season are published in advance.

If your brand is visible it’ll certainly be sought-after at the time of purchase.

Tip No. 2 Captivate your visitors

There are endless ways to captivate your visitor, to make sure that your potential client returns to visit your website. One of the most effective ways is to use the famous ‘Wish List.’

Using this kind of feature on your online shop allows the client to bookmark their preferred items. You can make use of this information with the onset of special occasions – such as now, the New Year – to send emails to remind them about the products they bookmarked.

Pay special attention, however, as these customers will undoubtedly have been following the price fluctuations on your website over a period of time. Offer them some kind of benefit or advantage to entice them back to your website and complete the purchase.

Tip No. 3 Connectivity is everything

You can implement other features, similar to the ‘Wish List,’ to make your brand stand out on the web. One example is to create a ‘Gift List’ that can be shared with friends and family – totally online.

Anyone who has taken part in an end of year celebration, Secret Santa, or even have a big family, will know how hard it is to choose gifts for everyone: a Gift List therefore allows them to offer colleagues and family members suggestions about what to buy.

You can even – and should – publish content showing the ‘most popular’ gifts, or those most appropriate for the climate at the time of year. Other content related to the New Year theme – such as ideas for dinner decoration, traditional dishes, texts for reflection, etc – are of great benefit to your brand, insofar as they generate traffic for your ecommerce store, are more likely to be shared, and are conducive to fostering greater identification between your clients and your brand.

Tip No. 4 Good communication is a differential: forge bonds

Make sure you really understand your target audience’s profile, in order to better prepare your marketing campaigns. The language used, emotional appeal (or not), size and format of adverts, channels where the campaign will be shown: all of this will be defined according to the profile you wish to target.

Investing in the optimisation and automation of your company’s marketing processes is another successful trend that has emerged on the market. This enables you, the manager, to save time, whilst still reaching out to your clients. Marketing automation has been specially designed for ecommerce and has obtained excellent results in increasing sales conversion rates.

Finally, invest in client communication channels that work both ways: chat, telephone, email, WhatsApp – there is no lack of tools available for communicating with your client. Nowadays, those who can’t hear their clients are choosing not to listen.

Tip No. 5 Stock control: quality management to make sure you get it right, at the right time

Last but not least, the question is: Will you have sufficient stock to cope with the volume of sales? If your shop isn’t prepared, and the competition certainly will be…and to avoid losing sales because of slip-ups like this, how about investing in stock control?

good ERP cloud system will help integrate all of the most relevant information for a smooth operation: client and supplier records, stock control, sales ledger and invoices issued – all to guarantee a hassle-free sales process that can be managed with total transparency and control.

On top of that, the generation of management reports allows you, the manager, to better evaluate your company’s real situation. Planning, agility and speed: everything to ensure that your company gets it right, at the right time.

Happy selling and happy New Year!

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