ERP Online: What is it and Why Should I Invest in it?

In this article and going to talk a little about ERP online and the importance of having one in your company, so that it becomes more efficient and competitive.

What is an ERP?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated management system that merges all or some of the company’s business processes.

In other words, it’s a computer programme that can simultaneously analyse and develop marketing, HR, sales, finances, stock and other processes that your company needs to manage.

The importance of ERP

ERP is not just a fancy abbreviation of a pointless system, on the contrary, is an abbreviation that should figure in every industry, office and company that wishes to succeed in the market.

The harsh reality is, that when business owners don’t use efficiency enhancement tools for theirs companies, they will sacrifice productivity, profits as well as their competitive position on the market.

For example, if using Excel for your sales administration, you will have to complete a budget, insert the value of the sale, calculate taxes separately, post the value in the accounts and also manually deduct this from the stock.

With an ERP online, you are only required to make one entry and all of the data will be posted at the same time in the system’s different modules, as well as simultaneously issuing an invoice.

Do you see how this is much more practical, speedy and efficient?

Benefits which make ERP online a must

In the past, hiring a specialist programming company to create a customised ERP programme for your company was the only option, but there are now mainstream programs can be easily acquired.

ERP is an intuitive, easy to learn and above all, efficient, as it merges different aspects of the company in a single tool.

Apart from that, it’s a must-have in the modern world. It’s a well-known fact that employee turnover in the market is at its highest, and a lot of time is wasted on training.

In addition, once the software has integrated several processes on one screen, the efficiency lost in using one program for each area is drastically reduced, as a standard ERP integrates a minimum of 5 different processes.

ERP Online

Can you imagine if you used a different program for each process? This would mean that you and your team would have to learn how to use 5 different programmes, that can produce 5 mistakes, with 5 windows open on your computer to analyse and make separate comparisons with different programmes.

It’s much simpler to manage all of the information in a single programme.

One of my options?

There are many ERP is available on the market. Here are some suggestions to help you manage all aspects of your business.

Gestão Click

Working closely with retail and service companies, Gestão Click is a quality solution capable of meeting a variety of business needs, ranging from the financial to the logistic.
Its differentiating factors are basically speed and flexibility, without ever neglecting the security of your client information, using the same tools as banking institutions.


Geared towards small and micro enterprises, Bling is another ERP alternative that combines a variety of features on a single platform. Financial and stock control, emission of invoices and integration of the main online stores.

Apart from combining various services, Bling even allows you to simultaneously manage several accounts for multiple online stores, as well as automate the entire communication flow between you and your chosen transport provider.


This ERP is one of the most widely used platforms on the market. With Bitrix24 you can link all aspects of your company in one place, to quickly and efficiently manage all activities and events. In addition to being able to monitor all departments and their respective performances, Bitrix24 allows all communication to flow through this platform or via the mobile app.

The platform is also extremely useful for project management. You can establish deadlines, multiple tasks, share calendars or make video calls with all of your collaborators.

Sage X3

Sage has condensed several industrial processes in one single solution. Sage X3 is capable of providing more than 400 detailed reports on costs and operational performance, allowing you to make better decisions.

Similarly to Bitrix 24, you can access all your company’s information via your mobile and even custom-build all your operational processes according to your specific needs.


Odoo is a single app for all your requirements. Keeping track of your sales funnel, building your own online store or managing your point-of-sale and stock are among its many features.

The app provides tools to optimise your business with detailed information about the main KPIs, as well as also keeping track of your sales, by analysing your invoicing, CRM and online payment services.

You can easily save time and improve your company’s processes by using any one of these platforms, all online platforms with enormous potential.

Forget doing your accounts by hand and try a solution that can adapt to your needs.

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