Why is product description so relevant to your strategy?

26 February, 2019 (updated) |

It is no longer new for anyone to change the behavior of the Portuguese consumer. It has been expressive, in the last decade, the growth of the number of people that makes purchases by the Internet.

Although the trend is increasing, it is not enough to have e-commerce to succeed. You always have to optimize your e-commerce so that more people find it and finally make the purchase. In this sense, the product description plays a fundamental role.

If in a physical store it is possible to pick up, smell and try out most of the products, in a virtual environment is the description that will fulfill this role. So it needs to be well done to build user confidence.

To teach you how to create an unbeatable product description, we’ve prepared the article today with seven tips to improve your e-commerce for optimal results further. Good reading!

Importance of a good product description

We can cite at least two good reasons to be concerned with the product description. The first has to do with convincing your target audience, so you want to buy your product.

The description is the basis of the content of all e-commerce since it is through it that your potential client will know what it offers. A good text, besides presenting your product, should generate confidence and sharpen the desire to buy.

The second reason is related to the ranking of e-commerce in the search engines. A lot of people do not know, but the text of the description is critical to any SEO strategy.

That is, product pages with lots of well-crafted information generate traffic to your site. It is important to know that search engines not only can read images, but the text itself is essential.

Also, a detailed text tends to prevent the prospective buyer from leaving the cart by finding the answers to all their doubts. It will still prevent customer service channels from being overwhelmed by the contact of people wanting to resolve issues.

Product description tips

As we have seen above, a well-made product description brings numerous benefits to your virtual business. Now let’s get down to the things that matter: check out seven tips for optimizing your e-commerce!

1. Know to whom the product is

First of all, you need to know to whom your product is intended. Regardless of what you are selling, it is important to write for one person, not for a group of strangers. This makes all the difference. It generates an approximation with the consumer.

So tip number 1 is: create a persona and try to offer solutions to your problems, challenges, and desires in the product description. There are several free persona generators on the internet. Worth it!

2. Make a creative title

Titles are essential for books, texts, emails … It would not be different with products, right? Therefore, original and persuasive titles cannot be lacking if you want to attract people to your products.

At the same time, the titles cannot be too long. So use your creativity to describe the product by drawing attention briefly, but without being too wordy.

3. Bet on good photos

Remember the saying: “an image says more than a thousand words.” So invest in good product pictures from all angles, with good lighting. Thus, people will have a real sense of what they are going to buy.

In addition to enchanting them with good images, with quality photos, dramatically reduces the chances of post-sale complaints, as well as requests for exchange, for those who feel “cheated” or disappointed with the product.

If in a physical store the showcase is responsible for attracting customers, in an e-commerce photos take part in that role. A professional photographer will undoubtedly bring profits to your business by providing good photographs of the products.

4. Detail features

Here is the “technical” information. It is necessary to inform the material of which the product is made, measures, weight, in short, all the essential characteristics. This part of the description can be done on a topic or table list for easy viewing.

If necessary, explain the technology involved, giving examples of how it works.

5. Put the benefits

Explaining product benefits is just as important as a good title and attractive photos. This is where you will seduce your target audience by telling me what the advantages of your product are and why it is advantageous to buy it.

Cite the qualities of your product, talk about design, quality, comfort. Explain the differentials in detail so that the consumer feels secure in making an optimal purchase.

6. Search Keywords

As stated earlier, the product description is essential to the SEO strategy of your e-commerce. So, define keywords by thinking about how users would look for your product on the internet.

Remember that it’s vital that keywords appear organically throughout the text, in titles and descriptions so that the customer can find the product with ease.

Keyword research tools can help you determine the salient terms of your description.

7. Use specialized software

Does your e-commerce offer many products and optimize the description of everyone will take time? We have an excellent tip for cases like that. There is digital marketing software that helps with this task.

Choose what is most convenient for your business and save time for your team. Always be aware of technological innovations, which solve issues in a more agile way and save money, contributing to the marketing strategy of your e-commerce.

If you’ve come this far, you already know how to create optimized product descriptions to extend the results of your e-commerce. In addition to improving your site’s SEO strategy, your number of conversions also tends to increase.

So get to work. It’s time to put into practice what you have learned to generate more traffic and more convincing, which results in more sales.

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