Our latest Autobot features – presented by Optimus Prime himself! :)

Autobots, our automation workflows, have just been given a slew of mighty improvements. So who better to showcase them than the mighty Autobot leader, Optimus Prime? Mr Prime, the floor is yours. Yes, this way. Watch your head! So what have you got to tell us?

Hmm... Hello?

Erm… Hello, humans. Join me and my fellow Autobot warriors in the adventure of a lifetime as we battle the evil Decepti…

Wait, wait, Mr Prime, sir! This is E-goi’s Autobots we’re talking about.

Oh! I’m sorry. Join me and my fellow Egoians as we delve into what makes these new features a perfect fit for your customer lifecycle pipelines.

Sure, roll them out!

In addition to the plethora of ways E-goi’s Autobots can be triggered with, you can now enable them using any date or segment.

E-goi's new Date-based trigger

Perfect to auto-send a birthday gift to your clients – which they can celebrate by attending a showing of my latest cinematic qu…

Got it, got it, Mr Prime. What else do you have to show us?

You can now clone an entire Autobot (not just its workflow), including all settings, segments and campaigns in it.

The new clone full Autobot option

Plus, you’re able to clone individual actions while editing the Autobot itself. Cloning is a big thing in “The Island”, directed by Michael Bay, who also happens to be headlining my upcoming movi…

Suuure… got anything else, Mr Prime?

E-goi’s Autobots have been empowered with their very own report, which tracks overall opens and clickthroughs for all campaigns in your automated sequence across all channels.

The new Autobot report

Other things I find quite interesting
  • # If you’ve built a potent Autobot (such as me) and would like to share it with the world, just use the new share feature.
  • # E-goi’s Autobot templates will no longer be mere empty workflows, as they’ve been retrofitted to include full-blown campaigns and segments. You’ll soon see this in both current templates and any new template released by E-goi.
  • # Speaking of templates, E-goi’s visual engineers pushed a couple new birthday and ecommerce email designs live. Not as visionary as my own reimagined armour design, which you can behold for yourself on a screen near yo…

Yo, man, Prime sir, that’s great!

Indeed, though nothing compared to what those fine humans at E-goi allowed me to take a peek at.

The all-new in-development Autobot Builder

Mother of God! An all-new Autobot editor!

Autobot Builder, they call it. Your ultimate weapon against the unforgivable sins of random email blasts.

When can I have it?

I’ll ask the engineers at E-goi to let you try it after you bask in the glorious trailer for the new cosmos-shattering Transformers movi…

OK, that’s a wrap, folks, see you next time! 🙂


Pictures copyright by DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Dan-the-artguy on deviantART

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