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E-goi + WordPress: The New Features Never Stop Coming!

19 September, 2023 (updated) |

In 2016, we announced the launch of a new plug-in for WordPress with a huge range of features. An unofficial more basic integration for WordPress, performed by a partner, has existed for some time, which is why it wasn´t being maintained and updated by E-goi.

The official plugin has had several updates over the last few months, and has so many new features that we wanted to share them all with you, so that you’d be the first to know. While we’re on the subject of new features…

… I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we recently launched our new website, please take a look and give us your feedback. 🙂

Back to the plugin’s new features…

If you use Visual Composer or Page Builder to help manage your WordPress, you’ll like this new feature: E-goi now integrates directly with them!  Just set up, within the plugin, the simple form with the fields of your choice.

Once you’ve done this setup, Page Builder will get a new element with the short code form generated by the plugin in the meantime:

But there’s more: Automatic Newsletter!

If you use WooCommerce, you can now create an automatic newsletter in E-goi with the products left in your online store’s shopping cart!

  1. Create an email campaign and choose the “Transactional – Abandoned Cart” template. If you prefer to create a campaign from scratch follow point 2. If you choose the template move to point 4.
  2. Click on ‘Add Elements’ in the left-hand panel of our email editor
  3. Select ‘External Content’ and drag it to the place where you want to appear in your email the products you have in shopping cart.
  4. Add an URL with this setup: http://myshop/wp-json/egoi/v1/products_data/?ids=!current_cart_products replacing mystore for the domain of your ecommerce).
  5. Item_data_01, item_data_02, etc., content represent the elements of your products (product image, price, description, etc…) and must be replaced by the parameters presented in your URL used in point 4. Examples of parameters:
    1. ‘name’ is the name of the product
    2. “regular_price” corresponds to the price of the product
    3. “image_thumbnail” corresponds to the image of the product
    4. “url” matches the URL of the product
  6. To see the appearance of your newsletter click on ‘Preview’. To preview you must enter the email address of a Subscriber that have products in your cart.
    1. In your mailing list use the segment “Buyers with products in your cart” and copy the email address of one of the subscribers.
    2. Return to your newsletter, click “Preview” and then in “For”.
    3. Insert the email of one of the subscribers to preview the campaign for this e-mail address (see image below):


Any products in the shopping cart will be dynamically presented in their newsletter. Create your autobot for shopping cart recovery, and don’t worry about this ever again!

And remember to activate Track & Engage.

Other cool features:

  • Easily map WordPress fields into E-goi’s (even if you use WooCommerce).
  • Integrate WordPress with E-goi’s awesome Track & Engage (full 360º marketing across your site).
  • Sync up your Wordpress leads with your E-goi list.
  • Contact Form 7 users can also map the form’s fields to E-goi extra fields.
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • Detailed, revised documentation.

Still using our old plugin? Be sure to go for this one!

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Simply follow this brief how-to.

Do you also integrate with other services?

Sure do! Just take a look at our plugins/integrations page.