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29 March, 2018 (updated) |

Contents“Give us IF-based automation!”“And follow-ups on imports!”“Can I add an already-existing campaign to a follow-up?”“Can you make it look like a sales funnel?”“Can you make it drag-and-droppable?”“Can you make it awesomer?” “Give us IF-based automation!” “And follow-ups on imports!” “Can I add an already-existing campaign to a follow-up?” “Can you make it look like a […]

“Give us IF-based automation!”

“And follow-ups on imports!”

“Can I add an already-existing campaign to a follow-up?”

“Can you make it look like a sales funnel?”

“Can you make it drag-and-droppable?”

“Can you make it awesomer?”

Your wish is our command 🙂

Mother of God, it’s full of stars! What have you done?

You’re always the real star here, so we took your suggestions on board, chewed them over and now is the time to roll out E-goi’s much improved follow-up series (which we lovingly call Autobots ;). Check these bad boys out:

  • # Drag-and-drop sales funnel: This one is a doozy. From now on, whenever you create or edit a follow-up series, simply choose a trigger (sign-up, email open, etc.) and then drag each action (ex. send campaign, wait for some time, etc.) into the diagram. It’s a brilliant visual, allowing you check at a glance how the whole series will work. You can switch actions around and even add extra triggers. “Kinda looks like a mindmap”, you say? Indeed it does! And what’s the most common thing in a mindmap? Oh yeah, say hello to…
  • # Branches: Yep, that’s right! You can now add an IF condition anywhere in your action series. It will branch out into a “yes” and “no” route, where you are free to keep adding actions and even additional conditions down the chain!

Say you want to tag as “hot lead” all contacts who open an email in the series and tag those who don’t as “cold”. Easy-peasy! Just drag an email into the series using the “send campaign” action, insert an IF condition right after and set a branch for the “opens in the previous email” segment while setting the opposite branch for the “unopens” segment. Now just add your tag actions under each branch and you’re all set! Autobots are go!

  • # Send follow-up to contacts you import: Because you demanded it! Enable this in the subscription trigger to have a follow-up auto-launch for all contacts you import. Obviously use with care.

By the way, you can now also apply any follow-up series to specific contacts in your list by simply selecting them and mass-editing them.

  • # Trigger actions based on what people do in your site: We’ve been keeping this one under wraps, but those eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new trigger called “Track & Engage“. It’s a really cool feature allowing you to track your contacts beyond email and all the way to your site’s landing page or shopping cart. Perfect for retargeting and shopping cart abandonment campaigns! We’ve silently put it out there for beta-testing, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it very soon.
  • # A whole lot of under-the-hood fixing, cleaning up and enhancing. ‘Nuff said 🙂

That’s amazing! Does this mean I can now create any kind of follow-up or sales funnel using E-goi?

Pretty much so. Our Autobots should cover all the bases (and currently blow out of the water 90% of all marketing automation funnels out there), but we know there’s still a bit of work left for those really big, complex sales pipelines to be easily doable. Fear not, you’ll see them in E-goi in no time!

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