A revamp is about to be born – push, push, push! ;)

Meet the future: push messaging! Offering real-time mobile delivery, can’t-miss-it notifications and full user consent. The cherry on top? You can use E-goi to send your push message… despite a clunky editing page (we’re so sorry). So we went and overhauled it! Out with the old:

Good riddance!

In with the new baby:

Clap, clap, clap!

In the moooghty words of Goilly, our pet cow:

Mooooch better!

You’ve actually got a pet cow at E-goi? 😀

Not really. But do feel free to adopt your own 🙂

Sweet! Any other goodies?

Since you can now date-trigger any Autobot (as demoed by Optimus Prime himself!), we’ve put together a new automation template making it a breeze for you to send a special birthday gift to all your contacts. This is how the sequence works:

The new birthday worflow template

To use it, simply create your autoresponder and choose the “Birthday” template.

We’ve also been plugging away at a new, much nicer header and footer design for your email campaigns! This is how it looks above the fold:

Your new email header design

With the footer following suit:

And this is how your new footer looks

We’ll soon roll it out for all your new email campaigns by default (the current header/footer design is a couple years old, which puts it right about dinosaur age in web time), but you can try it out for yourself right now! Just head over to your campaign options, go to the “Header/footer” section and tick your choice under “Style”.

Other tweaks and improvements
  • # If you trigger your Autobot on campaign clickthrough, you can now select which part of the link will act as trigger (eg. only those links with the word “promo”). Advanced marketers will love this!
  • # It gets better still! Smart SMS opens and clickthroughs can also trigger your automation sequences.

Terrific! Can I chip in with my ideas for new E-goi features?

Sure, just leave them in our Community. Log into your E-goi account, go to your dashboard (if you don’t see it, click the upper left corner, where it says “E-goi”) and you should find the E-goi Community as one of the dashboard windows. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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