4 Ways that Push Notifications Benefits Your Business

Push notifications are a relatively recent marketing channel which have evolved from the search for greater interaction between brands and their consumers.  The inclusion of images or videos, message sharing or geo-localization are some examples of push notifications benefits.

push notifications benefits

So, what really are the push notifications benefits to my business?

1. Retain customers

Push notifications can complement your customer retention strategy, giving information that is relevant, about your products, or even delivering exclusive promotions for a limited period. In this way you can increase website traffic and visits to your physical store.

Always bear in mind the frequency and relevance of each push notification; too many notifications could create a negative image and clients may disable these messages as a result.

2. Personalised messages and special offers

Nobody is willing to receive all message types, whether via email, SMS or push notification, and for this reason, segmentation and personalisation have become marketing fundamentals.

Your clients are all different and like to be treated as individuals. That’s why push notifications are useful for communicating at the right time, with highly relevant content. Always personalise and automate push notifications, whenever possible.

3. Information available in real-time

The current times have brought with them a content frenzy, resulting in a craving for information and to always stay up-to-date.

A push notification is the perfect channel for spreading interesting news and developments in real-time, which can be checked from wherever you are. Relevant information attracts your clients’ attention.

4. Increase the message opening rate

As a simple exercise, let’s think about how many push notifications we receive a week in comparison to the number of emails. We can easily draw the conclusion that we receive a considerably higher number of emails than push notifications, but this doesn’t mean that they get more clicks. Unlike emails, push notifications do not accumulate in our inbox and are literally “hand-delivered.”


These benefits will not materialise without a well-defined communication strategy. Optimise frequency and a subject relevant to the client are key factors for success with push notifications.

Are you ready to implement an effective push notification strategy for your business?

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