How to Use Push Notifications to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Push notifications are, nowadays, an extremely efficient tool for cheap, direct, personal and efficient client communication.

Did you know that:

  • # In comparison to email, their opening rate is 50% higher?
  • # The delivery rate is around 100%?
  • # The % of users that agree to receive mobile push is between 55% and 60%?
  • # Segmented push mobile is relevant for the client, enabling a retention rate increase of almost 93% during the first months of registration.

Increasing awareness of the importance of mobile push has raised the brands’ demand thresholds. At this moment in time, sending a message to a smartphone is not an end in itself, the importance lies in how it is sent, or rather, capturing the users’ attention by contextualising messages. In what way? Soon you’ll see, through a story that could well be about you. 🙂

push notifications to increase your sales

Time-limited offers

Mary is thinking about buying a mobile phone.  He has even searched in several online shops, but he hasn’t decided yet. Online shops know which products he has looked at through tools such as Google Analytics, or track & engage and how long he was on that product page, even though he didn’t add it to his basket.

Clearly price isn’t the only decisive factor, but it’s one of the most important, right? The time has come for the shop to send Mary a push notification to encourage Mary to make a decision: a discount valid for a limited time, otherwise Mary could spend more time thinking about it and you will lose the opportunity to close the sale.

The right content, at the right time

If Mary has just bought a mobile phone, then he’s going to need a cover. Sending a push after selling the mobile phone would seem like a good time to make the sale, right?
Look into every opportunity to cross sell or to simply communicate with your client. And the best of it is, that you could automatically put all of this to work on automatic pilot mode.


What will be your differential in comparison to the millions of other apps on the market? Think about how many apps you have installed on your phone that you don’t use. Exactly… If you send a push notification, it´s highly likely that Mary will remember to go back and buy in your shop again when he needs something. Perhaps a special offer on his birthday or to simply wish him a Merry Christmas.


Mary added a mobile phone to his shopping basket, but left the purchase for later on. The next day, purely by chance, Mary went to a shopping centre which had a physical store of the same online shop where he had started his buying process.

By sending Mary a push notification when he is close to the shop, again making the most of a suitable opportunity to communicate with him, he can be reminded that he could complete his purchase in the shop when he has finished his coffee.


Mary’s is not a unique case. All clients want the same thing: personalised messages. This is an improvement of the shopping experience. By doing so, you’re improving communication and empathy with your client. Clients that identify with a brand buy more, and influence other clients.

If you stay by your clients’ side, you’ll stay ahead of the competition.

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