IMPORTANT: Gmail has started complying with DMARC policy – This may disrupt your email campaigns

Damn! Damn! Damn! We have to be the messengers of bad news – And hopefully, you won’t kill the messenger!

What news has sparked such an infuriated reaction?

Gmail has started complying with DMARC policy!

Well… truth be told, this was bound to happen sooner or later! It was just a matter of time until Gmail started complying with DMARC policy. Yahoo and AOL had already done it!
Probably, all the free email servers (ex: Hotmail) will end up complying with DMARC policy too. They have to minimize spam attacks and fraudulent emails!

So… this is a bad thing, but it is also a good one! First, let’s look at the not-so-bright side and see how it can be overcome.

Gmail compliance with DMARC policy: what does this mean for you?

It may be a bad thing! From June 2016 on, and if you don’t do anything, your email campaigns may be disrupted. In a few moments, we’ll see how to overcome this, but first let’s see why this may be a problem…

And we will start from the beginning, because we don’t all have to be experts in DMARC!
To begin with:

  • #1 Gmail belongs to Google – we all know this – therefore it is hosted in a Google server
  • #2 E-goi is hosted in a server outside Google – the same is true for any other provider – therefore, let’s call it
  • #3 If your email is, it is hosted in a Google server

What happens when you send emails… from your account… and your email (the sender of your email campaigns) is

  • #1 Your emails are sent through the server
  • #2 Email servers (from the recipients of your email campaigns), when receiving your emails, they will check if they were sent through the Google server (because your email is
  • #3 Because is different from, email servers (from recipients) will reject your emails – this has started happening in June 2016

In practice… your emails (if the sender is will never get to the recipients. They will be rejected!

What can you do to avoid your emails from being rejected?

The best thing to do is to have an email with your own domain (a corporate email).
For instance

“What?! So if I have an email I will ensure that my emails will be delivered? How is that so?”

You’re right. Let’s be clearer.
In  fact, is different from, the problem would therefore remain! However, by authenticating your email, and by keeping up with the good practices of Email Marketing, you get rid of this problem.

“So… why can’t I keep on using and authenticate it?!”

To authenticate your email, you need to change some configurations in the email server… but because you don’t own Google server, you can’t change anything!
You can only do it (change the configurations needed to authenticate your email) if you have an email This happens because it is in a server that is yours –you can control it and change its configurations.

To sum up:

From June 2016 on, if your email, in your E-goi account (or any other provider), is Gmail (and the same already happens with most free email providers (Yahoo, AOL)… is Gmail (and the same already happens with most free email providers (Yahoo, AOL)…
… you need to:

  • #1 Change to a corporate email (
  • #2 Authenticate your email

Only then will you be able to ensure that your email campaigns (E-goi or from any other provider) reach the recipients! In fact, this is one of those cases where you can say (and now let’s look at the brighter side)…

… This is a blessing in disguise!
Let’s see the difference between keeping your sender with an email and changing it into a corporate email (



as in an odd job

as in a real business

because you are dependent on the rules of free email servers– like in this case

over the server in

more of your emails will be considered spam

less of your emails will be considered spam

41,79% (*) open rate

55,51% (*) open rate

(*) results from emails sent by E-goi clients within the last months: the open rate has increased by 33%

To sum up: by changing your sender to a corporate email (@mydomain) and keeping up with the good practices of Email Marketing, you will win in several fronts ☺

Domains… servers… authentications… configurations…  is this too much for you?
Don’t worry. We’ll do it for you. Contact us.

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