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Secret to make your email go straight to the Primary Gmail folder!

Email is a key component of any marketing strategy, especially online. If it is misused (or not used at all), you will be in some degree of disadvantage for not seizing everything the email may get you. Which is the best way to write good emails? Put yourself in the shoes of your email reader. What would you expect to see?

As a consultant and an email user, I want the email to follow at least one of the following items. I want (to):

  • # relate to it
    # it to add value to my (personal/professional) life
    # it to help me achieve my goals

Some people predict the end of email marketing, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fact: we have all received our share of (too) promotional emails and spam and yet, we keep checking our email, right? Why? We are looking for those emails that may help us, even to change our lives. We are looking for something that may add value to our life and to which we can relate.

That is how most people are. They put up with spam and boring emails knowing that one day that email from a friend, a client or a job proposal will give them the information or fulfill that wish they yearn for.

Why do people have emails?

To do some of these things, or all of them: – to keep updated with some blog – to talk to friends or for professional connections (clients, companies) – for specific notifications (notices, money, others) – to get promotions or relevant offers People want to be connected to their interests and to what they love – that’s the purpose of the email. When well used, email marketing may be more customizable and effective than marketing via Facebook (but you don’t have to give up one for the other – complement them!).

By using the email to connect with your readers/clients, you may turn them into a set of people interested in receiving your next email. The email is still the best way to send or receive customized and/or private information. But it is necessary to be careful and to keep the contact in a genuine, constant and customized way – otherwise, it may start looking spammy.

What not to do in an email?

Don’t be too generalist. If people subscribe to your email list to learn more about coaching for companies, do not go out telling them about quantum physics or the laws of attraction. It is acceptable to mention some personal stuff or preferences, but be sure to keep the subject focused on your business. Close the email – make your point.

When improvising a speech or giving an opinion, some speakers tend to digress and extend the point they wanted to establish, when they could/should have concluded a few sentences ago. Do not send emails with addresses such as “”. If you are sending them an email, why would you unable your readers to get back to you? If your purpose is to connect with them, doing such a thing will completely ruin the purpose of the connection you want to establish.

Will Gmail filtering system affect the opening rate?

Gmail filters all emails based on certain elements. These elements determine to which folder your email will be directed to (Primary, Social, and Promotions). If your email is not directed to the Primary folder, your opening rate will be quite slim.

It doesn’t matter how authentic you are with your reader; if Gmail doesn’t like your email, your opening rate will drop. Some experts think the filtering system does not affect your opening rates, because Gmail is not the biggest email provider; however, Gmail leads the email world market (source). It is bigger than Hotmail and other providers, and is on its way to reaching 500 million users.

What to do to improve the opening rates from Gmail users?

By making some adjustments you may drastically increase your opening rates. There is a small detail that impairs most companies and marketers that I have found throughout time.

  • # More than 90% of emails filtered and sent to the Promotions folder have a promotional header.
    # More than 90% of emails in the Primary folder do not have a promotional header.

So, by removing the image or the promotional header block, you may be increasing your opening rate. The reason is that most images or logos in headers are what differentiate one brand from the other. This means that the message tends to be more promotional in nature. Gmail recognizes this and sends the email to the Promotions folder.


Cool, right?

Now, suppose that the header is removed but the email remains full of marketing words. Will it still be going to Gmail Primary folder? Well, sometimes it does. Still, sooner or later, Gmail finds out and sends it to another folder.

There are some other aspects you will have to follow in order to keep the opening rate high:

  • # Write a good title (most people open their emails based on it)
  • # Good content with some Call-to-Action – Send emails frequently (1 to 5 times a month)
  • # Customize the email with the name and relevant information (whenever possible)
  • # Do not put too many images or links (2 to 3 images and links) Start to implement these techniques and watch how your opening rates, involvement with readers and billing increase.

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