Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 5 Genius Ideas for Your Email Marketing

Oh no! Another article with examples of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions? As if there weren’t enough already. Why should I carry on reading this article? Because, apart from 5 examples (1 bad and 4 good) of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers. You will also learn how to communicate more persuasively throughout the whole year.

In other words, you will have the power to:

  1. # Attract attention: improved opening rates
  2. # Encourage action: more conversions and more sales
  3. # And above all, ensure that your communications are remembered

All of this in the emails and Newsletters you send your clients, Landing Pages; Push Notifications; Social Media; Mobile Marketing.

#1 Analysis Paralysis (BAD)


Our brain disconnects when we are faced with too many choices. It’s difficult to choose the best option, between so many others. As such, we tend to put this off until we have more time to analyse every option. Or we even end up choosing nothing at all! 📺 +info watch this video

Where not to use it:

Landing Pages; Pricing Pages; Email Marketing; Purchasing Process

How to use it:

Avoid offering too many options (too many prices; too many products; too many calls to action…) These days, and especially online, there are now no excuses for presenting offers that are not segmented or aligned to the interests of each contact/client.

BAD Example Email Cyber Monday:

Image 1 –

#2 Curiosity (GOOD)


We are all curious! We can’t relax until we get the answers to everything that arouses our curiosity. And this is very powerful in any communication with our contacts and clients 😉 📺 +info watch this video

Where to use it:

In any communication with your clients (Website; Landing Pages; SMS; Push Notifications; Email Marketing).

How to use it:

Your imagination is the limit!

Example Email Cyber Monday:

Image 2- Cyber Monday – because you missed Black Friday…

#3 The High Price of Ownership (GOOD)


As soon as we have something, a sense of ownership takes over us. We don’t want to lose this for anything in the world! What´s more, we attach a much higher value to this object/product/service than it is really worth. The same happens when we have the sensation that we could possibly obtain, or even own something for a short time. 📺 +info neste video

Where to use it:

Subscription services (SaaS); Landing Pages; Email Marketing; Upgrade Plans

How to use it:

Free trials / free samples work beautifully. After having spent time on set up (account; profile; data) and then use, it then becomes more difficult to lose it all – even though we may later have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Example Blog Post Black Friday:

Black Friday Special: Try All Our Upgrades for Free —

Image 3 – Black Friday Special: Try All Our Upgrades for Free —

#4 Reciprocity (GOOD)


Whenever somebody gives us something, we feel obliged to return the favour. Even if this means some simple praise 😉 📺 +info neste video

Where to use it:

Registration Forms; Landing Pages; Email Marketing

How to use it:

Think about what you can offer to your contacts/clients that is related to your product offering. It could be a discount; a report; some tips…

Example Email Cyber Monday:

Here, we´re going to present 2 examples, all because we find it hard to resist sharing this – with a touch of irony 😉

Image 4 – Nothing.

And now this example. Notice how, at the end of the email, how reciprocity is applied 😉

Image 5 – It’s Go Time. Black Friday Starts Now!

#5 Scarcity (GOOD)


Anxiety. Fear. This is how we feel when we risk losing out on something (FOMO – fear of missing out). This makes us vulnerable to temptation and impulsivity. To grab the opportunity before it escapes us! 📺 +info neste video

Where to use it:

Landing Pages; Pricing Pages; Email Marketing

How to use it:

To make the most of this sensation of fear of losing out we can, for example, use offers/discounts for a limited time or quantity. But apart from this, the fear of losing out makes us appreciate even more any product/service.

Example Email Black Friday:

Image 6 – Best Email Marketing Examples for Black Friday

We have FREE Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email templates for you!

Now that you have seen 4 excellent examples and 1 very bad example, your next step is to put what you have learned into practice.

To achieve this:

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