Email Marketing: Tips for Mother’s Day

Email Marketing: Tips for Mother's Day | E-goi

Let’s think beyond the examples of email marketing that you came to get in this post: Mother’s Day is an event for both those who want to sell, approach the brand of consumers, loyalty and charm customers.

Losing only for Christmas, that date transforms the city, makes flowers spread around every corner and the expectation for a special Sunday is high. That’s why we’ve prepared content with tips that will make a difference in your email marketing campaign for Mother’s Day.

So to stay on topic, continue reading the post and enjoy!

How to follow a good example of email marketing for Mother’s Day?

Considering all the preparation that each home makes for the occasion, it is fundamental to master the planning and execution of marketing to deliver high quality to the consumer.

This has to do with phases of strategy, but also with the design and content of the communication, which needs to be aligned. Although it is a date that involves a lot of emotion and reflection, the sales part plays an essential role in demonstrating all the affection of those who give.

Even though a product, the customer really needs to feel that it is, in addition, advantageous, special. For this, you can use different campaign types. See below!

Product Selection

The idea of selecting products is a good one for those who do not have much time to choose a gift. You can send an email by sorting by categories – fashion, electronics, accessories, home and decoration, among others.

It is possible to be even more specific, categorizing with images and betting on what always comes out – flowers, books, cards, chocolates, perfumes etc. Another good initiative is to put a gift voucher option well in sight, in matching sections.


If email marketing comes from an e-commerce that works from pet food to telescopes to sky lovers, betting on diversity is a big draw.

Soon in the slogan, you can already emphasize that the store is perfect for all the profiles of mother. In the sequence, we have distinguished products. In addition to emphasizing that the store takes care of any style, you will also better delineate the profile of this consumer by clicking.

By knowing which product he clicked on to see possible gifts for the mother, marketing can segment what is interesting to that customer and offer it next year.

Discount coupon

Who does not love a discount? When using the selection, you can and should highlight promotions for the special items of Mother’s Day. Highlight one discount coupon type for each category.

Do not forget to clarify the conditions of the purchase with a special price and/or discount application. Especially on dates when sales volume increases, it is unfeasible to deal with a larger number of complaints.

Attractive subject

All the stores that a person has already made purchases will send out Mother’s Day promotions. So, highlight your logo in the email subject and focus on the text to get the reaction you want. Show what is most attractive in your campaign and be direct.

If the store offers a bombastic discount, how about putting it on the subject? When the offer is really good, the person immediately becomes interested and clicks on the email to check it out. The opening rate is much higher when the title is well thought out.

Another way to use the subject to attract the click is to place a value limit on the items. Texts like “products up to 99$” arouse curiosity, as it is interesting to predict the cost and find interesting items. Use and abuse of mental triggers!

Custom Kits and Combos

Does the store change the look and work identity for the commemorative date? Extend this climate for product customization. Group together related elements and show advantages for buying them together. This adds value to the proposals.

Regardless of which of the email marketing examples you’ve chosen to use, it’s true that targeting comes from planning and targeting.

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