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Web push is here to bring you high-impact, in-browser notifications!

23 February, 2018 |

Picture this: your favourite pet shop just got a new special offer in - and you’re the first to know it! No email, no SMS, no nothing you ever need to check for. A small message pops up right there on your browser or desktop!

Ohh, what's this cool thingie? That's an incoming web push message :)


You can’t miss it! Even if you’re browsing Google or any other site. Even if you’ve closed your browser altogether. It’s the single notification you (and your little furry friend 😻 ) were waiting for, delivered straight to where you can see it.

This is why web push is made of awesome!

Maximum cross-device visibility, full segmentation, real-time delivery – a smart marketer’s dream come true!

Wow, can I have it? Pretty please? With sprinkles? 😍

Now you can! Say hi to our all-new messaging channel (in addition to email, SMS, mobile push and voice): web push!

This is where you choose to create a new webpush campaign!
It allows you to easily engage your site visitors with targeted, fully opt-in browser-based messages.

Ohhh! 🤗 How does it work?

Easy-peasy. Your site visitors will first be asked to subscribe to your messages. The invite looks something like this (you can customise it freely, as we did for this Portuguese pet shop example):

A message subscription invite on a pet shop site!
And this is how it’ll pop up when accessing your site:

How can you say no? ;-)
People hitting “Yes” just need to confirm their choice:

Visitors simply need to confirm this once.
And that’s basically it! From then on, any web push message you send out using E-goi will be shown on your subscribers’ browser, smartphone or desktop as a sliding notification! Yep, it’s that simple 🙂 .

Sounds amazing! How much does it cost?

If you use one of our plans, it comes included at no extra cost! Web push subscribers will simply count towards your contact total.

If you use pay-as-you-go, each web push sent is charged the same as a good ol’ email (ie. very little).

Holy moley, I want it now! Anything I should keep in mind?

Yep. Chrome, Firefox or Opera users will be able to subscribe to your messages, but not those using Safari (this will change soon). Anyone who does subscribe will get your messages in near real-time though. 😀

Wicked! What kind of messages should I be pushing out?

Is your message going to:

– Help your subscribers?
– Come on! Really, really help them?
– Be timely?
– Be offering real value?
– Be exactly the kind of cool thing they signed up to receive?

If you said “Yes” to all the above, go forth and web-push away, especially if you’re doing:

  • Time-critical announcements (major breaking news, key new features, flight check-ins, medical appointments)
  • In-the-loop alerts (price drops, order delivery updates, just-published stories or blog posts)
  • Preference-based special gifts (discount offers, abandoned cart reminders, hand-picked related items)

I’ve heard I can get 99,9% opens using web push? True?

Yes if you do it the smart way. Web push messages have some of the highest visibility around – subscribers will see your notification as soon as they fire up their browser! But with great power comes great responsibility. So be sure not to spray and pray – too many unfocused messaging and people simply tune out. Take the time to engage them with ultra-relevant, carefully segmented content. Your subscribers are giving you access to their prime mobile and desktop real-estate – be considerate, be useful, be valuable.

Is web push available in my E-goi account right now?

Sure thing. Check out how to get started! It’s currently in beta, which means we’ve got some exciting push-tastic new features on the horizon:

– RSS-to-webpush
– Web push for Autobots
– Advanced web push segmenting
– And plenty more enhancements

So go ahead and give it a whirl! 😊

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