Smart SMS – Would you believe you can easily add trackable pics, forms and videos to your texts?

Now you can! SMS broadcasting has been available in E-goi since day one (it’s just one of the multiple channels you can use for your mailings), but those good-old texts are simply that – texts. Well, we’ve figured out a way for your SMS to include images, videos, forms and even whole landing pages – all with full analytics! Say hello to the Smart SMS!

Seems interesting. How could a Smart SMS help my business?

Just off the top of our mind, it allows you to text:

  • # A video showcasing your latest product.
    # A landing page with your weekly specials.
    # A survey for customers to take straight from their mobile.
    # A scannable QR code they can use to redeem a discount in-store.
    # A mobile app download page.
    # An SMS message your customers can share on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks right there and then.
    # And plenty more (check out our video)!

Keep in mind texts average 90%-plus open rates. Better still, you’ll learn all about what people did upon receiving your text and beyond: who read it, who clicked through, who took the survey, who grabbed your coupon, who downloaded your app! Basically, the whole roster of email marketing metrics available in E-goi can now be used in your texts!

OK, you’ve got my attention.

You can also have E-goi auto-send another SMS (or an email or voice call) to your mobile-toting clients based on whether they open, click through or perform other actions on the text you sent them. Yep, true multichannel marketing automation!

Now you’ve REALLY got my attention!

Oh, did we tell you a Smart SMS has the same low price as a standard SMS?

You’re amazing!

No, Spiderman is amazing. E-goi is just godlike 🙂

So how does a Smart SMS work?

Pretty simple really. A Smart SMS contains your text plus a special link to a landing page. You’ll just need to design this page using our landing page editor and then type in your SMS message. Simply follow the steps below:

  • 1) Log into your E-goi account (click here if you don’t have one already), go to the “Campaigns” menu, select “Create” and choose the mailing list your Smart SMS will be sent to.
  • 2) A channel selection window will come up. Choose “Smart SMS” and you’ll be taken to the Smart SMS editing page.
  • 3) Hit “From scratch” to create your Smart SMS from ground up. You’ll need to select a sender (which people will see on their mobile as the message originator – choose “new sender” if you haven’t got one yet). Then type in your text under “SMS message” and hit “Continue” when you’re done.
  • 4) You’ll now see the landing page editor. It works just like E-goi’s email/form drag&drop editor – you can add text, pics, videos, forms, etc. -, so you’ll feel right at home (if this is your first time using it, click here for a quick how-to). While designing your page, click the “Testing” button and choose “Preview” to check out how the whole thing will look. When finished, hit “Send/Deploy” and send it out as you would any other E-goi campaign.

Got it. Is that all there is to it?

Yep! When people receive your Smart SMS, they’ll see a link at the end of the text. It looks like this:

Tapping this link will take them to the landing page you designed. E-goi will automatically make the page responsive so it fits the screen size of any smartphone 🙂

Great! Will people need to be connected to the Internet to view my landing page?

Yes. Mobile users usually have an always-on wi-fi or data connection at the ready, so connection will be seamless in most cases.

I already use E-goi for my email marketing (monthly plan). Can I buy Smart SMS messages while keeping my current plan?

Sure. Just go to your E-goi acount’s user menu (top right corner) and top up your account with the number of SMS messages you want to send. They never expire, so you can use them whenever needed.

We’re pretty excited about Smart SMS. It overcomes the major drawbacks of a standard text (no rich-media) while making the whole thing trackable, responsive and behaviourally targeted at no extra cost. We’ve been using it ourselves with great success and we’re positive you’ll find it a cost-effective solution to better connect with your customers 🙂 Check out our Smart SMS page for more!

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