Infographic: Push Notification Statistics that will Surprise You

Push notifications are messages sent by Push Notification Service to a mobile APP (smartphone or tablet) or directly in your browser.

The user can receive notifications of new messages, exclusive promotions, invitations, proximity alerts, comments on our posts or comments on other posts we have made comments on. And we can receive them even when we are not using the app.

Here are some reasons why you can’t afford to waste the potential that push notifications offers your business:

  • # Client retention
  • # Message personalisation
  • # Information available in real-time
  • # Higher opening rate than email

Push notifications are a relatively recent, but extremely efficient channel. Knowing of the importance they can have for your business, we’ve gathered some figures in an infographic to illustrate the potential of this new communication channel.

Infographic Push Notification

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Facts and statistics about push notifications and their users:

  • Push notifications have an opening rate above 90%
  • Their opening rate is 50% higher than that of email marketing
  • The click rate is 7 times higher than that of email marketing
  • 70% feel that push notifications are useful
  • 55% to 60% of app users agree to receive push notifications
  • 53% share their location
  • 52% look for relevant information and offers in the push notifications they receive
  • 40% interact with push notifications within 1 hour of receiving them

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