E-goi’s auto-responsive design makes your email look great on any smartphone or tablet!

E-goi’s auto-responsive design makes your email look great on any smartphone or tablet!

How does your email look like on a smartphone? Need to pinch, scroll or zoom to view it properly? Responsive design makes this a thing of the past by adapting your email layout to ensure it looks perfect on small screens! The great news is that E-goi can now do it automatically for you!

Terrific, how does it work?

Piece of cake! E-goi will simply detect how small the mobile screen is. Then it’ll auto-adjust your email’s design and pics to render the whole thing along a single scrollable screen-fitting column. Take, for example, the email below.

When displayed on a mobile screen, E-goi automatically turns it into this:

And this is how it looks behind the scenes.

See? E-goi converted the entire contents into a high-performing single column design, making it a breeze to scroll through. No zooming and pinching in sight! This works well even on more complex email layouts, such as the newsletter below. This is the standard web version.

And this is the mobile version below. Notice how the full newsletter contents is sorted into stackable sections readily available by simply scrolling up and down the mobile screen. This streamlined approach is key to connect with your smartphone-toting audience!

Crazy cool! Does any email I create in E-goi come with a responsive version?

As long as you create your email using our Easygoi editor (either from scratch or working from one of our templates), that’s a resounding yes! Forget about HTML tinkering or static templating monkey-business 🙂

Just edit your email in Easygoi, hit the “Global colours and styles” left-hand panel and tick “Responsive design”. E-goi will then auto-generate a mobile-ready version of your email when sending it out the door!

Excellent! Will this mobile version always look nice on small screens?

It will in virtually all cases. Most current iOS and Android-based mobiles fully support responsive design and even web-based email clients (such as Gmail and Yahoo) should follow suit. Still, keep in mind very complex multi-column newsletters may not always render flawlessly. But don’t worry, we’ll be finetuning the rendering engine from time to time, so if you think the responsive version of your email doesn’t look just right, give us a shout!

Will I be able to preview my email’s mobile version straight from E-goi?

Yes! We’ll soon be adding a mobile display to E-goi’s email preview, allowing you to check how well responsive design kicks in for a variety of screen sizes. You’ll even be able to turn the preview sideways! Stay tuned 🙂

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