You wanted it, we made it! E-goi + Facebook Lead Ads

At long last! We’ve got a lot of cool plugins pencilled in for release, but one of them absolutely took  our user feedback cake to an epic level.


Facebook Lead Ads wins by a landslide! So we went and built an all-new integration. Any prospect acquired via your Lead Ad will also be funnelled straight into your E-goi list.

This means you can then engage your Facebook leads using the full amazing roster of E-goi features – including the prime marketing automation in the galaxy! 🙂

Marketing Automation E-goi

Mother of God! How much does it cost?

Zilch. It’s free! 😀

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Simply follow this brief how-to. Not familiar with Lead Ads? Check out this awesome primer by Allen Finn at Wordsmith.

Do you also integrate with other services?

Sure do! Just take a look at our plugins/integrations page!

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