Uh-oh, what freaky thing happened to your SMS and voice broadcasts?

Ouch! Last week we overhauled how E-goi’s SMS and voice-based wizards look and feel, allowing you to easily send out SMS and audio calls using both your desktop and mobile.

Looks great!

Voice broadcasts now even come complete with their own call preview.

The new voice call preview

Cool, right? We’ve been plugging away at the whole revamp for a while, so this was your cue to tell us just how much it made your day. What we got from you instead:

*crickets chirping*…

Ow! Well, no news is usually good news, although in our experience we beg to differ:

No news is the lull before a storm of bad news! 😉

So, is everything OK? Did you get the chance to try these SMS and voice call tweaks?  Keep in mind if you signed up for a paid email plan, we also throw in a free SMS pack for you to use each month.

So what do you reckon about these changes? Kinda cool? Crazy-cool? Crappy-cool (ahh, dang it…)?

Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) we do in E-goi is done with you in mind, so be sure to have your say in this post. Got 15 seconds? Leaving a yay or nay won’t even take you that long! 😀

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