Do you Want Likes or Results? Likes or Sales?

There is still a lot of confusion about likes, comments and shares in the social media world.

There is a huge explosion of new entrepreneurs across the globe, who know from the start that Facebook provides incredible opportunities to do business with other people, contact new prospects and sell.

Nevertheless, the vast majority are taking the wrong approach. As a digital marketing expert, whose mission to help my clients to win clients via the Internet, time and again I find that many of them are frustrated, because they simply don’t understand why their products and services are not selling as they had imagined

Focus on the Results

What can we do to get more likes to promote our business? This is one of the questions… And my answer is that simple: what do you want, likes or results? Focus on the results, and the likes will follow naturally.

After all, until now, someone may have ‘liked’ a page, but they have never given anyone any money… Actually yes, possibly to those who sell these kind of results, which are usually deceiving.

A Special Case

I created a new fan page on 21 March 2017, in the damage repair niche of the automotive sector, within the micro-niche of PDR spraying. The page features a specific course that teaches repair techniques.

In the month of April, just over 5000 Mexican pesos ($290) was invested in the space of a month. The objective was to generate potential clients who wanted to take part in the course.

At the end of the campaign, which did not focus on likes but on generating potential clients, we had managed to sell more than 200,000 Mexican pesos (more than $10,000), gained 611 potential clients and acquired around 1000 likes.

It’s important to mention that we already had a list of 3000 leads.

Can you imagine if, instead of aiming for potential clients, we had first focused on getting likes?

Create and grow your list

I’m not saying that likes are bad or useless. It’s great to have a community and that this is growing, but it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 or 1 million likes: they are of no use unless you know how to monetise them. So focus on keeping members of this community in a list and on having a continuous relationship with them.

From the outset, I believe that clear objectives must be established, and always, always, always, go further than a simple like, seeking ways of building a list of potential clients. That way, when someone clicks the like button on your page, they also have opportunity to join your list, and benefit from a more complete service.

This can also apply the other way around, where people feel that you’ve helped them and want to join your list, and being prospects, they say: ‘I really do like this,’ and click like.

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