Use Email Segmentation to Increase your Opening Rate

Increase your Opening Rate

One day, while I was drinking my morning coffee, I had a quick look through the 79 emails in my inbox, and one of them attracted my attention.

The title of the email was “Stay in shape – to easy exercises for a sexy body”. As a sportsperson, my curiosity led me to open the email. This was the only email I opened out of all 79 emails. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened to the other 78 emails.

So what was so special about that email that stopped it going to the recycling bin with all the rest? I like doing physical exercise and in the previous week I had searched for some exercises used by some stars of the cinema, which apart from being intense and sometimes unrealistic for normal people to perform, they are interesting.

The company sent me that email, with that title, created a message that captivated me. It’s much easier to create a generic email for our whole list, but this won’t produce great results. Whilst the majority of marketers agree that personalising email is important, many companies do not tap into the power of personalisation.

Personalisation – much more than the name

Companies that make the effort to take that extra step of personalising their email campaigns are those that reap the best results. With the tools that are available to entrepreneurs and marketers today, creating personalised emails for their target market is well within reach.

Personalisation is more than just including the first person´s name in the title or the body of the email text. A truly personalised email addresses the subscriber directly, the dreams they wish to fulfil, the problems they want to solve, their preferences, their fears, and relevant to their particular stage in the sales funnel cycle.

Creating buyer personas is a good way of finding out the preferences of your buyers, their pains, fears, etc. Segmenting your clients can make more sense than just sending a single message to the general public with a general offer. By personalising your emails you will increase engagement with your subscribers and as a consequence, increase conversions.

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