The Salesforce is strong with E-goi

Salesforce integration was previously available via our friends at Zapier only, so we’ve gone ahead and built an all-new Salesforce marketing automation app from ground up. Say hi to E-goi’s Smart Marketing for Salesforce!

Syncing things up is the name of the game here. Any new lead or customer added to your Salesforce software will also be pulled straight into your E-goi list.

This means you can then engage your Salesforce leads using the full amazing roster of E-goi features – including the prime marketing automation in the galaxy. 🙂

Marketing Automation E-goi

This integration also:

  • # Feeds Salesforce with the results of your E-goi campaigns.
  • # Logs everything your leads do along any customer journey you set in E-goi. Perfect to expand your business intelligence scope!
  • # Is compatible with the latest Salesforce versions.
  • # Includes detailed, revised documentation.

¿How much does it cost?

Virtually all apps empowering Salesforce with the kind of advanced marketing automation stuff E-goi can do will cost you several hundred euros. Well, guess what? Ours is free! 😀

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Simply follow this brief how-to.

Do you also integrate with other services?

Sure do! Just take a look at our plugins/integrations page.

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