LeadPages integration is here!

LeadPages integration is here!
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LeadPages leads the landing page way, all the way: tons of features, ultra quick page design plus an array of battle-tested templates which truly convert.
They also provide a host of advanced analytics, lightboxes and A/B testing tools to really help you make sure your webpage performs as well as it looks. Integrations are included by default, which means you can feed LeadPages prospects straight into your E-goi lists and auto-send them behaviourally targeted emails and texts (in addition to all the amazing things you can do in E-goi).

Awesome! Where do I sign up?
If you aren’t a LeadPages user already, check out this 5m video intro. They have no freemium model, but their terrific template roster should make up for it, as they were designed by marketing gurus focused on one thing and one thing only: giving you great results in no time. If you already use LeadPages, simply follow this brief how-to to integrate it with E-goi. That’s all there is to it!

Do you also integrate with other services?
Sure do. Just take a look at our plugins/integrations page.

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