5 great examples of Landing Page design templates for your inspiration!

Why Landing Page design matters?

Once you nail the art of having nice, good Landing Pages, you’ll make life so much easier for yourself. Having a nice landing page design can make a huge difference and be the detail that matters the most when converting prospects into clients.

To understand how important is a landing page design, think of a cake in some bakery counter: you can’t smell it, you can’t yet taste it, but you got to make a decision somehow. And everything will come down to how it looks, how organized it is. Now imagine internet being the bakery counter – don’t you want to have the best looking cake?

Landing page design templates for your inspiration


Landing page design

The guys from Engage nailed it here with this landing page design. With the available screen area, they were able to insert new and old technology (a camera and a phone), as well as money. And you know what’s great about it? Most of the landing page is still completely free to write a call-to-action and insert a button.

A minimal, yet bold proposition.


Landing Page design template

Bow down to the designers behind Safreen for bringing us this example of a landing page full of elements and yet so simple and visually stunning. Divided into four different frames, the landing page has multiple call-to-actions, jaw-dropping design and accounts for the insertion of loads of information without looking messy. All above the fold!


Oh yeah, our department of Marketing & Communication at E-goi nailed it here! Not only our call-to-action is subliminally stronger because we’re picturing a protest event, the information is clear, well-arranged and cool as hell!

And what about the offer? This isn’t only a landing page design template example, it’s the real deal: unlimited emails up to 5001 contacts!


Landing page design templateIf you’re looking for inspiration for an ebook-related landing page, look no further. The folks at CSM did a solid work here. Remember: the book is the real star, so it must attract the eye and be the highlight of the page. Which was done. After that, it’s a matter of having a good value proposition, a call-to-action to buy or download, and another button for additional info.

All of this in a clean interface with a solid, white background.


Landing page design templates

W3Layouts designers used an high-contrast, strikingly visual design in this landing page example, Umbrella. If you have a state-of-the-art product or service, or a young target, this might be the lane you’d want to go down. Depending on your audience, this design might attract the reader’s attention instantly and provoke the kind of bold emotions associated with a bold offer.

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