E-goi + PrestaShop = Hey presto, automation!

Prestashop integration has been available for some time in E-goi, but it was high time we revamped it with some cool new features. Meet Smart Marketing for Prestashop!

E-goi + Prestashop

It comes complete with direct integration with E-goi’s awesome Track & Engage so you can easily run re-engagement and cart recovery campaigns across your PrestaShop store. Have a gander at this video (less than 2 min long) for a couple nifty examples:

Setting up your campaigns is a breeze! Just choose your goals and drag-and-drop away.

Marketing Automation E-goi

Some other nice features:

  • # It makes it a doddle to add an E-goi sign-up form (either standard or pop-up) to your online shop.
  • #  Syncs up your PrestaShop customers with your E-goi list.
  • #  Logs everything your customers do for each campaign, from your 1st email to their online or in-app purchase.
  • #  Compatible with the latest PrestaShop version.
  • #  Detailed, revised documentation.

And yes, in addition to the prime marketing automation in the galaxy , this module also puts all other amazing things you can do in E-goi at your fingertips.

Still using our old module? Be sure to go for this one!

¿How much does the module cost?

It’s free! 😀

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

Simply follow this brief how-to.

Do you also integrate with other services?

Sure do! Just take a look at our plugins/integrations page.

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