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Gmail has FINALLY changed! It now supports Responsive Email

From 30 September 2016, Gmail supports Responsive Email (it can now support media queries). NOTICE: In October 2016, these changes (Gmail supports Media Queries) were still ongoing. For instance, Gmail still didn’t support Media Queries in IOS and Android app. Monitor the roll-out at If you are a designer,… »

Cold Email: Are you sabotaging your own results? Consider accepting E-goi’s help

If your clients are companies, entrepreneurs or organizations, then… … if it hasn’t happened to you already, it will … and sooner than you think! Days… weeks… months…  researching potential clients… sending long Cold Emails (prospecting emails) …  short Cold  Emails… but getting (almost) no answers! You will question Cold… »

IMPORTANT: Gmail has started complying with DMARC policy – This may disrupt your email campaigns

Damn! Damn! Damn! We have to be the messengers of bad news – And hopefully, you won’t kill the messenger! What news has sparked such an infuriated reaction? Gmail has started complying with DMARC policy! Well… truth be told, this was bound to happen sooner or later! It was just… »